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I try to be active, however in depth of my soul I am very shy peron.

It is important, that the name met your sences and internal contents.

Larissa - I like my name, and I am not going to change, and therefore I shall never take a pseudonym. Remember, how in " the Master and Margarita " the Voland says : " never ask for anything, and it will be given ".

The women with such name usually achieve the life's heights alone, do not asking for any help... I try the select the songs the way, so ir could be reflected there, what I had to go through in my life.

Correpondent - Larisa, your name coming from old greek, and translated as "seagull" - a bird proud, strong, courageous.

She saw the orange walls, multi-coloured doors and rooms, where the stars were shined instead of ceilings.

After distant travels Larissa with big pleasure comes back to the home, which she, as she said, once has seen in a dream.

Aspiring to get a knowledge about the world, she has been travel through many countries.

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Съёмки фильма Александра Роу «По щучьему веленью» не успели завершить в зимнее время.

Чтобы исправить положение, придумали новый сценарный ход — отсутствующее в сказке желание Емели «Обернись, зима лютая, летом красным» — после чего действие картины происходило уже летом.

После съёмок в «Бриллиантах навсегда» Шон Коннери заявил, что никогда больше не сыграет Джеймса Бонда.