resident секреты

Demo is filled with secrets and has multiple endings.

While there are likely still some secrets yet to be discovered in the creepy farmhouse players can explore in the demo, this guide reveals everything that’s been found so far.

The first ending in the game asks the most out of players and the unnamed main character.

At the start, read the note left on the table, and then head out into the adjacent hallway. Walk past it and down the hall to find a locked door, some gore, and bolt cutters.

Grab the bolt cutters, enjoy the jump scare, and then return to the chained closet doors.

As one could probably guess, the bolt cutters are used to cut the chains on the closet.

Retrieve the VHS tape found inside the closet, and then backtrack to the room where the demo began. In an interesting turn of events, players will then be able to control themselves in the tape.

Follow Clancy’s fellow filmmakers into the farm house, and then go with them into the kitchen.

Hang out with them in the kitchen until one goes missing. He will examine the fireplace, discovering a secret lever in the process.

After he pulls the lever, a panel on the wall opens up.

Crouch to move through the panel to find a hidden ladder..

This disturbing scene will signal the conclusion of the tape, and players resume control of the main character in present time.