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It's easy to use, beautifully tutorialised, and hugely fascinating.

Rock Paper Shotgun I just finished playing and my mind is blown. Michael, Vsauce Everyone should be playing Universe Sandbox ².

I spent most of my time staring at the screen, smiling like an idiot. Neill Blomkamp, writer & director of the films District 9 & Elyisum To describe the simulated destruction of Earth as satisfying is to undersell the delight of a child with a magnifying glass and some plastic soldiers.

Dan & Matt [Universe Sandbox ²] is one of the coolest things I've used on Vive so far.

Tom Marks, PC Gamer Assistant Editor Most epic moment - increased the mass of the sun when it suddenly flashed insanely in a giant supernova. Take on Mars developer ...a vast improvement over the original.

Red Bulletin This simulator really puts you in the driver's seat to the universe we live in.

The Professor, Know Idea 4zzzfm It's like my great grandfather always used to say, 'Nothing like destroying 45 simultaneous instances of the Milky Way to brighten up a bad day.' Kotaku If the water starts to evaporate, this might be one of the best games ever made... Markiplier, the 31st most subscribed user on You Tube A space simulator like no other: The Sims meets Elite meets Stephen Hawking's archives.

Horror games are supposed to be creepy and claustrophobic, maybe make your palms sweat.

They're not supposed to make you feel like you want to keel over and vomit.

On Monday, Sony announced that three big-name game developers would bring their hottest franchises to the Play Station VR headset.

You'd be able to play Batman, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil in virtual reality, Sony promised.

But two of those three big games are surprisingly disappointing -- and the third one is actually making E3 attendees feel sick to their stomachs.