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Every sales professional wants their business to stand out from the competition and grow, but few actually do.

Every leader desires to become more distinctive, yet only a fraction really are. Interestingly, there are some insights from a study of hip hop and rap artists.

Scientific American’s website recently reposted an article from Nature on a study of brain scans of rappers that was revealing...

If it was up to us, both of these numbers would be 100% all the time, but that’s just not reality.

There’s a little science, a little psychology, and some luck mixed into these two stats.

There are also countless factors, some of which include: company size, frequency of campaign, and industry.

Luckily, these numbers have already been analyzed to see what basic combination yields...

Ray Massie is someone I’ve known…well, almost forever! And, when he was the top radio personality at WCSI in Columbus, Indiana, he was kind enough to recommend me for an on-air position with the station that helped me pay my way through college.

Ray has gone on to a highly successful career in broadcasting, leading several of the top... Last night, Tammy and I bought tickets to see a comedian who was headlining in Vegas.

In today’s virtual marketplace, you must implement new ways to stay competitive. Do they have the initiative or skills to produce spectacular sales? He was in a casino’s showroom for the weekend, and we figured his Sunday night performance would be the easiest of the weekend to obtain the best seats.

Keep in mind you not only compete for product sales – you compete for your downline’s time, energy, focus and commitment. He’s one of Tammy’s favorites from the “Blue Collar Comedy” channel on Sirius/XM, and we were ready for a great evening... The level of customer service — not to mention the even higher standard of the customer experience — is genuinely, consistently pretty awful.

A recent post by Michael Callahan makes a couple of important points about it. Let’s face it – direct selling is not about location, location, location – that’s real estate.