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Well, now I've caught your attention.....is a blog about gaming miniatures, both old and new school but with a leaning towards old school. I'm lucky enough to know Kev quite well and a more decent sort of bloke you will not meet.

I've been in the hobby since the 70s and seem to show no sign of stopping in the foreseeable future..... He is now out of hospital and doing well however this sort of incident stays with you, long after the physical aspects have healed and gone.

A lot of people in the hobby have got together in support and Dags and Geronimo have set up a Facebook page 'Goblin Aid' to help raise funds to help - the b*stards took his computer among other bits.

If you can please support it, I have been following Kev's sculpting for as long as I can remember.

Check out the 'Kev Adams Challenge' for a good history of his sculpting......

27th March; Here's the updated list of sculptors who've, most generously, volunteered their time and talent to make a Goblin....

Tre Manor (Red Box Games) Jason Wiebe (Reaper, etc) Chaz Elliot (Wot C, Citadel, etc) Des Hanley (Otherworld) Alex Bates (Forge of Ice) Steven Marchant (Inso) Stuart Powley (SLAP minis) Mark Evans (Crooked Dice, Fenris, etc) Warren Beattie (Hasslefree, etc) David Drage (Iron Mammoth, Scheltrum, etc) Matt Gubser (Dark Age, Rusted heroes, etc) Sylvain (Golgo Island) Kev White (Hasslefree) Davide Tedeschi (Shieldwolf) George Fairlamb (Black Cat bases, Fenris etc) Bill Thornhill (Musketeer) Gary Morley (GW, etc) Mark Craggs (World of Twilight) Phil Hynes (Monstertown USA) Tim Prow (Wizkids, Heartbreaker, etc) Paul Gargon (Mad Clown) Andy Foster (Heresy) Alex Hunter (Warploque) Werner Klocke (Freebooters' Fate, etc) Minghua Kao (Hasslefree, etc) Bob Olley (Olley’s Armies, GW, etc) Top blokes, all - Dags 27th March, great news; "Thanks, I really appreciate what you and everyone else is doing to help me, I feel bad as I've not communicated on Facebook but I've never wanted to join and the best way for me to get over what happened is to get my head into something creative so I'm compiling lots of music as its a hobby and great fun as i love mixing and doing interesting things with synths and ambient sounds.

It means I will be locked at desk when i get back to work as there’s lots of new sounds to keep me interested .

I'm hoping to give it a bash next week as my eye is improving .

I was on a roll and making my first female models and am itching to get back .

I'm lucky I didn’t lose my sight in right eye, socket was that badly smashed that my eye was lower than it should be and the operation was very complex they tell me .

Still got a broken jaw and nose is broken in three places and i was shown x-rays yesterday of how my face was all caved in and why they used metal plates to rebuild cheekbones .