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It came to me the other day when I was thinking about courage.

I realized that for most of us, courageous acts occur in flashes. The stamina and perseverance to follow through on each of our transformational epiphanies is the glue that keeps our moment of bravery intact. Watch your competition and create your unique viewpoint.

There are […] If I risk Love I awaken the notion that we are worthy of a destiny of joy and desire, and accept that your heart has already broken open for my sorrows. Know your materials so well that you can you can be interviewed in your sleep.

Salty saintly sisters and brothers let the olive branches caress not strike you Love is the being that emerges. Remember TV is entertainment.” Being a TV guest is […] KNOW YOUR STUFF! Walking the walk and talking the talk will give you confidence and prevent nervousness. Never […] Successful interviews occur when your have a strategy, are well prepared, confident and empowered with the knowledge of your expertise.

It is the timid […] Would you like to find real love and long lasting romance through an online dating service? According to 40% of all Americans are single and in 2013, 40 million Americans used online dating services. It is important to focus on your performance regardless of what may be going on around you!

Yes, it’s a crowded playing field, so how do you increase your chances of finding Mr. A TV set is bustling with activity and a whirlwind of hurry up-wait.

[…] How You Look How Your Speak How You Act = Your Personal Brand Whether you are aware of it or not, you DO have a personal brand. Even the interview can easily […] Watch what you eat and apply to your skin! There is nothing worse than having a conversation with someone whose odor is overwhelming. My rule of thumb is dress 10% above your target audience, maintaining the show’s style of dress and color ways.

Your brand is the totality of how others experience. The impression left should have nothing to do with your last meal or the fragrance applied at the cosmetic counter.

Although a first impression is based almost entirely upon your visual grammar (how you look), the collateral pieces […] “If you’re not having fun pitching or chatting “on air” about your topic or idea, no one is having fun! Media is interested in your essence […] There is an art and a science to looking your best doing an interview. Very few people can get away with looking great in a “straight on” shot to camera.

I suggest keeping your body at a 3/4 angle to the camera.

Sit a bit diagonally in the chair, stool […] Congratulations!

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