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Government affairs and public relations programs are often critically important elements of a campaign, but they won't create lasting, long-term success if they are stand-alone efforts.

The Perkins Partnership team is skilled at bringing a larger perspective to our clients' public policy agendas.

We help you examine your objectives, then work to set goals that encompass your broader vision.

Would you like to time travel into the past, back to the early colonial period in North America?

Have you ever dreamed of being part of an event that took place 300 years ago?

Have you ever wondered how people lived so long ago when the colonies were still young?

Would you like to be part of history rather than just an observer?

Have you ever searched for a genuine buried treasure left by pirates?

In the Maritime province of Nova scotia, on the east coast of Canada, legends and history abound with tales of early explorers, settlements, fortresses, fierce battles, privateering, and piracy.

Evidence of early settlements are still being unearthed, and buried treasure is still sought after today, on our islands and harbors.

Nova scotia has numerous historic sites dating from 1605, however, none of them offer the visitor a chance to become part of the surroundings and interact with the site. We are located just minutes from an area, which was originally settled in the early1600's by the French.

Here at Buccaneer Bay, along Nova Scotias' famous south shore, the waters are warm, calm and clean. When you enter our site, you will be asked to park your car, as no automobiles are allowed past the entrance, and you will be directed to our orientation center.